Monday, June 20, 2011

New Trash Bag DIsposal System Starts July 1st

The City’s SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) bag program will start July 1st!
Effective July 1st, trash bag stickers will no longer be sold at the City’s residential transfer stations (125 Locust Street and 170 Glendale Road.) Instead, residents can obtain Northampton’s blue trash bags (in two sizes) at local stores where they usually shop (click the title of this post for a list.) In addition, small bags will be available through the DPW office as well as the Mayor’s office (Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00.)
Disposal costs will not change. Throwing away a small bag of household trash will still cost $0.50, a medium bag (kitchen size) will still cost $1.00 and a large bag (barrel size) will still cost $2.00. These bags will be sold in packages for $10 each (20 small bags, 10 medium bags, or 5 large bags per package.)
After September 1st 2011, household trash placed in any other bag or container will not be accepted for disposal. Residents should try to use up their bag stickers prior to this date. After this date, bag stickers will be accepted for bulky waste disposal at the Northampton landfill or redeemed for official trash bags at the Department of Public Works.

The sale of 2011-2012 vehicle permits will also commence on July 1st. The cost will remain at $25 for residents and $5 for seniors (62 years or older).