Friday, August 18, 2017

Construction Update - Week of August 21st

Hinckley Street
  • Ludlow Construction will continue installing new drainage pipe from riverside Drive towards Warner Street. Due to the narrowness of the roadway, detours around the block where construction is occurring will be required. Access for local residents will be maintained.
  • The work on this road includes the replacement of water, sewer and drainage utilities, a new drainage outfall off Riverside Drive, new sidewalk, roadway reclamation and repaving, and a raised crosswalk across Nonotuck Street.   
Ryan Road
  • Palmer Paving is scheduled to install signage and do line painting this week. 
Pleasant Street Improvements Project
  • JBL Construction will be substantially completing the project this week. Pavement markings are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, and motorists should expect delays or seek alternate routes, if possible.
  • Construction on Pleasant Street includes roadway, bicycle and pedestrian improvements from Hampton Avenue to Hockanum Road.
 Various Streets
  • Sealcoating, Inc. began crack sealing on various City streets the week of August 4, 2017. The work is currently anticipated to take about three weeks.
Pleasant and Williams Streets and Hockanum Road Gas Work
  • Columbia Gas is replacing gas main and services along these routes. Work will continue through the summer. 
Day Avenue Ave/North Maple/North Farms
  • Caracas Construction will continue with the installation of the new water main in North Maple Street this week, transitioning to North Farms Road by mid-week. Once in North Farms Road, one-lane traffic will be maintained, but motorists should expect delays or seek alternate routes, if possible. Access for local residents will be maintained.
  • No work is expected on Day Avenue this week. The road will be open for use. Once work is complete on North Maple Street and North Farms Road, Caracas will return to Day Avenue to complete road work at that location.  
Audubon Road
  • No work is expected on Audubon Road this week. Borges Construction is waiting for the new culvert to be fabricated. Delivery and installation of the new culvert is anticipated to begin shortly after Labor Day.
  • The work on this road includes replacing water and drain lines and a box culvert followed by reclaiming and repaving of the roadway from the center of Leeds to near house #200.
Contact the DPW at 587-1570 or if you need more information.