Friday, October 27, 2017

Construction for the week of 10-30-17

Construction for the Week of 10-30-17

Hinckley Street  
  • Ludlow Construction will begin constructing new water system on Hinckley Street, beginning in Riverside Drive, up Hinckley St towards and Warner Street this week.  It is possible that they will also perform other water and drainage systems construction up to South Main Street.
  • Expect temporary road closures on Hinckley Street.
  • The work on this road includes the replacement of water, sewer and drainage utilities, a new drainage outfall off Riverside Drive, new sidewalk, roadway reconstruction and repaving, and a raised crosswalk across Nonotuck Street.
Pleasant and Holyoke Streets
  • George Cairns and Sons Construction will continue installing a large drainage culvert in Holyoke Street and the Lumberyard property. Holyoke Street will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC from Pleasant Street to Hawley Street until mid to late November. Access for local residents and businesses will be maintained.
  • The work consists of realigning a section of drainage culvert behind the former Northampton Lumber site and across Holyoke Street in order to accommodate the redevelopment of the site.

Day Avenue, North Maple Street & North Farms Road
  • Caracas Construction will be fine grading the reclaimed roadway and placing the base coat of pavement and bituminous curb in Day Avenue this week. The roadway will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC during work hours. Motorists should seek alternate routes.  Access for local residents and emergency vehicles will be maintained.
  • New sidewalks are scheduled to be installed the week of November 6th.
  • No work is expected on North Maple Street and North Farms Road this week, and the work is substantially complete except for the replacement of a section of drainage pipe near the intersection with Mountain Street. The road will be open for use.
Audubon Road
  • Borges Construction will be tying in the new water main at the intersection of Reservoir and River Roads and reclaiming and grading the roadway this week. The roadway will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC during work hours. Access for local residents will be maintained. Emergency vehicles and school buses will be allowed to pass through the site. Motorists should seek alternate routes. The road will be re-opened after work hours for all vehicles.
  • The base course of paving and bituminous curb is scheduled to be installed the week of November 6th.
  • The work on this road includes replacing water and drain lines and a box culvert followed by reclaiming and repaving of the roadway from the center of Leeds to near house #200.
Reservoir Road
  • Davenport Trucking will continue repairs to rehabilitate the channel and stream bank erosion just downstream of the Lower Roberts Meadow Dam. The roadway will be open, but motorists should use caution and be aware of heavy construction vehicles entering and leaving the site.
  • The work requires bypass pumping of stream flows in order to complete stream channel and bank rehabilitation. Weather permitting, the work is anticipated to be substantially complete this construction season.