Friday, May 4, 2018

For the week of May 7, 2018 Weather Permitting

Pothole Update
  • This week the DPW crews repaired the potholes on North Farms Road, Crafts Avenue, East Center Street and are in the process of working on Glendale Road and Florence Street. The largest potholes are being filled first to alleviate hazards to motor vehicles.  As hazards arise and are identified they will be addressed. 
  • To report a pothole please visit:
·       Hinckley Street
  • Ludlow Construction, through their subcontractor, H.B. Fleming, of South Portland Maine, will be continuing the installation of Sheet Piles for a Pile and Lagging retaining wall below Riverside Drive  A small crew from Ludlow construction will be assisting H.B. Fleming, and performing some stump removal and topsoil removal below the wall construction.
  • Traffic on Riverside Drive and Hinckley Street will be restricted and detours may be in place.  Public Safety officer(s) shall be on duty.
  • The work of replacement of water and sewer utilities is complete; and the installation of drainage utility continues after this week.  A new drainage outfall off Riverside Drive, new sidewalk, roadway reconstruction and repaving, and a raised crosswalk across Nonotuck Street is planned for this summer.
Pleasant and Holyoke Streets 
  • Construction on the new building at 256 Pleasant Street is underway and will continue throughout 2018.
Day Avenue, North Maple Street & North Farms Road
  • Caracas Construction will be doing final cleanup and restoration on Day Avenue, North Maple Street and North Farms Road.
Audubon Road  
  • Borges Construction will be working on final cleanup and restoration.
Clement Street Bridge
  • Repair work for the Clement Street Bridge has been awarded to N.E.L. Corporation. Project submittals are currently under review. Anticipated project completion and bridge re-opening is summer 2018.
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist use of the bridge will be allowed except during active construction which is anticipated to begin in early June.